Frequently Asked Questions


What permits do I need?

You will need to go to your local council and obtain a Building Consent and a Resourse Consent if required.

Are there any other costs over and obove your quote?

As stated in our contract, should the load be escourted by Power Board or Telecom due to height or building needs and or a route survey due to width, then it is the owners responsibility to cover these costs. 

Do you re-instate baseboards, steps, decks and connection of services. ie: Water, power and phone?

It is the owners responsibility to arrange for these services to be re-instated. 

What sort of buildings do you have in stock?

Check out our buildings for sale pages. Click here 

How far do you travel to move buildings?

Usually anywhere in Northland, but we will travel from Auckland North to the Cape 

Do you do on-site re-piles and moves from site to site?

Yes we will visit your site free of charge and then supply you with a written quote. 

Does the building twist or move much?

You will get movement in your building, if it is a jib stopped house, you will get cracking, (cracking amount depends on how the house is built, how wide and how far we travel).